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I haven't been posting anything in a while because there hasn't been much to share. I have probably a dozen half-finished snippets of things sitting around on my computer or in various notebooks, but between my two jobs and family obligations and those stupid, necessary little things like sleep, there hasn't been much writing. There's barely been time to even catch up on my shows (I'm a tv nerd, don't judge me); I'll put something on and fall asleep. This was never a thing when I was younger. If I loved something, or even if I didn't but the tv was on, I couldn't fall asleep. Now I'm more likely to doze off than finish a half hour episode, even if I LOVE it. It kills me a little bit inside.

Been writing a bit this weekend though, which is a plus. Hopefully that means I'll have something to share soon!!

In other news and considering that it's Memorial Day Weekend, I want to take a minute to thank every man and woman who is out there serving our country right now, or ever has. I have military men in my family (though none in my generation), and I couldn't be more proud of them. I have friends who are vets, and friends who are currently serving, and a friend who just joined up this week, and it TERRIFIES me but I am so, so grateful and proud of them for everything that they do. They are amazing, I am in awe. Be safe, everyone.


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